The College’s main mission of all its department of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Biology, Chemistry and General and Applied Physics is to offer students all specialized learning programs to prepare them scientifically and educationally for their future occupation to conduct their professional learning outcomes for governmental and non-governmental sectors. 

Strategic Goals
College of Science works to strengthen and build a confident environment for its students to well adapting with all departments and their programs and the main college’s goals are to focus on:

  1. Making the classroom and laboratory as the most important place to learn.
  2. Enabling students to critically think as the core of the college’s superior education so that students could develop themselves to solve problems by resorting to use the available and appropriate scientific methods and to their effectively engagement with local academic community.
  3. Recruiting and maintaining well qualified diverse students that are interested in researching and to work for promoting the wide range of technology usage.
  4. Innovative learning, experimentation and evaluation.
  5. Adopting internationalization standards such as Bologna Process in most departments.