• The physics department prepares the student with specialized knowledge in a variety of areas in physics so as to be prepared in serving the community.
• The aims of the physics department alongside the other natural science departments are to establish a theoretical and scientific center in order to make development in research and preparing candidates in the scientific areas.
• Making facilities to further develop research in physics.
• Establishing a theoretical center to encourage the candidates’ potentials.
• Offering a variety of standard courses so as to make progress in new research and study methods.
• One of the major objectives of the chosen subjects during the entire course of the study aligns with the updated and new subjects in a way that the student will be familiar with physics in general and in the last two hears the major emphasis is put on the applied and practical subjects. •
Summer courses: in these courses the students study both Medical Physics and Communication Physics so that they can apply what they have studied in the marketplace and the labor market.